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Thermacut, Inc., servicing the United States and Canada, is a division of the Thermacut Group with parent ownership by the IBG Corporation. As a global manufacturer and provider of advanced cutting and welding consumables, accessories, and replacement torches Thermacut, Inc. provides products to welding and industrial distributors, mid-level wholesalers, and end users with strong focus on growth within the distribution channel. Under the Thermacut banner, all packaging, literature, advertising, and correspondence features the Thermacut, Inc. corporate name and / or the Thermacut brand name.

With over 6,000 available parts, Thermacut stocks and delivers a wide variety of replacement consumables, accessories, and torches for both mechanized and manual plasma cutting systems that are produced in our Czech Republic factory. Thermacut's engineers enhance original OEM products whenever possible through improved materials and design. Our goal is to provide metal fabricators with products that improve performance, quality, and value.

Thermacut, Inc. also offers over 150 different models of direct-replacement plasma torch heads, plus over 400 varieties of plasma torch leads assembled in our New Hampshire facility. Thermacut, Inc. also provides a full-line of manual MIG, TIG, and oxy-fuel replacement consumables for most of the North American popular brands, manufactured in IBG-owned production companies.

The Thermacut Group is well established globally with Thermacut sales offices in fourteen countries, and plans for further expansion on an ongoing annual basis.



International Research and Development Team

Thermacut has a team of engineers located around the globe dedicated to designing advanced replacement parts for original products. These specialists work on every facet of what we do; helping resolve technical problems with existing parts and incorporating the solutions into new designs. By working closely with sales and management teams, the engineering department is able to help us serve our customers better.

Machining Technology

In keeping with the latest trends in metal machining technology, Thermacut has a continuous program of production equipment upgrades. At present, a large part of the production process is carried out by dual-spindle screw machines. High-quality and efficiency are the hallmarks of this type of equipment, and it is just one aspect of our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Product Quality Control System

High-quality product demands continuous investment in inspection equipment and personnel who regularly monitor production processes, equipment, products, and packaging methods. Thermacut works very hard on delivering value added products on time, all the time.

Customer Service & Sales

Our sales team is ready to determine the most effective solution for business partners including technical support. As the industry leader in plasma torches and consumables, Thermacut stocks over 100 different replacement torches and more than 400 lead combinations. Our sales department brings years of industry experience to the customer and potential customer.

Although Thermacut continues to develop, its goal remains the same: yearly double digit growth rates, which is only possible through the development of excellent relationships with the customer as well as the continued production of high-quality and innovative products.


Holma Acquisition

Thermacut is pleased to announce the acquisition of HOLMA® AG, a producer of premium quality laser and plasma cutting consumables for worldwide major brands.  Read...





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